Demolition plans for petrol station at Sainsbury’s in Grantham

The current Sainsbury's petrol station on London Road.
The current Sainsbury's petrol station on London Road.
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A planning application has been submitted to knock down the existing Sainsbury’s petrol station in London Road and then rebuild it with more pumps and safer fuel storage.

While no start date for the demolition can be confirmed until the plans are approved, a Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “It typically takes 12-14 weeks for this type of work to be completed. The exact timeline will be driven by the planning application.”

According to the design and access statement: “The rationale for the proposal is to ensure the safety of the local environment by reducing the potential for leaks from the fuel storage area by installing new double skinned tanks.”

The plans reveal that the construction of the existing double skin fibreglass tanks has led to significant failures at other petrol stations, and therefore these will be replaced with improved 60,000 litre tanks.

The spokesman added: “It is part of an ongoing programme of works across our estate to update, improve and modernise both petrol stations and stores.”

The redesigned site will also see six pumps instead of four, the existing kiosk demolished and replaced, and the current orange canopy taken down in favour of a less imposing white alternative.