Escape the Christmas shopping rush with a drive in an F1 car

Business Journal : Racing Simulator shop. L\R; Caryl Pell, Crmen Neenan. 911B
Business Journal : Racing Simulator shop. L\R; Caryl Pell, Crmen Neenan. 911B
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INDULGE your fantasy of being a Formula One racing driver and get out of shopping at the same time.

That’s what’s being offered by an innovative new business set up in The George Centre, Grantham.

Just Simulators offer people the chance to drive a wide range of Formula One circuits on simulators used by professional racing drivers.

The company also offers a range of simulators which individuals or businesses can purchase for themselves, ranging from a home simulator frame priced at £599 to the full 3D, surround sound package for the committed racer at an eye-watering £23,995.

Caryl Pell of Just Simulators said: “Online gaming is booming at the moment with racing games as some of the top sellers. A lot of people already have the pedals and steering wheel for their driving games but are trying to use them with a dining room table or while sitting on their bed. The racing chairs put you in exactly the right position to start racing.”

If you’re in the town centre, looking for a distraction from Christmas shopping and would like to give it a try, you can drive three laps for £2.50, seven laps for £5 and 16 laps for £10.

Take a look at the in-store leaderboard and see if you can challenge the top times.

Caryl said: “We’re hoping to get a bit of competition going in the town. It will also be a great way for people to spend their birthday or for a Christmas party or business event.

“We also offer vouchers which would make the perfect Christmas present.”

The shop has been opened thanks to a George Centre scheme offering space to innovative new businesses.

Call Just Simulators on 0845 643 0003 or log on to