Expansion dream a reality for Belvoir Fruit Farms

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A successful fruit farm is relocating in order to expand on its level of production and become a greener company.

Belvoir Fruit Farms, which sells bottled fruit drinks, including cordials, both nationally and internationally, is set to move from Belvoir in Grantham to Bottesford.

Despite some objections the business’ plans to relocate and expand were approved by Melton Council at a development committee meeting.

The business, which currently operates from two separate buildings, a main office and production premises, in Belvoir, is set to move to Barkestone Lane in Bottesford, south of the A52.

The business’ plans include the refurbishment and expansion of an existing agricultural building at the new site, which will become the new base for its production line, it also plans to erect a new office building on the land, as well as expand on its Elderflower orchards located nearby.

Concerns were raised during the planning process about the fact that more traffic, including heavy goods lorries, would be using Barkestone Lane, a single track road, if plans went ahead. However, the Highways Agency advised that if four passing bays were installed between the site and the A52, it would mitigate against increased traffic.

Terry Anthony, who has lived in the house adjacent to the site for over 30 years, also raised concerns about the noise which would be caused not only from traffic but also from the general running of the factory.

However, the business said that sound absorption and reduction materials would be installed into the proposed building.

Pev Manners, owner of Belvoir Fruit Farms, said: “We are thrilled that the council has granted permission for the expansion, it’s necessary for us because we are to constricted at the minute due to space and it will allow us to increase sales and jobs.

“We chose the location because we need to be close by to our flower orchards, it was also important that we remained within the Vale because of our brand name.

“We hope that the move will allow us to become more energy efficient and are planning to use solar energy to become more sustainable.”