Fast, friendly service adds to this tasty lunch-time treat

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IF you fancy a tasty treat for your lunch hour I have found just the place.

Eden Wine Bar in Grantham’s Market Place offers fast, friendly service with a twist on the usual sandwich selections.

I hadn’t even made it all of the way through the door on a cold February afternoon before being greeted by the smiling woman behind the bar.

After selecting some drinks we chose a table and had a look at the menu.

The lunch-time menu includes a mix of sandwiches, traditional bar snacks like burger, steak and scampi as well as the more unusual option of tapas.

It wasn’t very busy but being on my lunch hour I am always very conscious of time so we sat down and after a few minutes were ready to order.

The waitress promptly brought over our drinks and took our food order.

I chose to have the Brie and spiced apple sandwich and my partner, Marc, selected the Cajun chicken sandwich.

I must admit that when I first read Brie and apple I wasn’t sure about whether I would like it, having never heard of the combination before. But I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with having apple at Eden, is there?

When the sandwich, which was made with large wedges of white bread, arrived it was great.

The strong taste of the Brie was brilliantly broken up by the layer of apple. In fact my only request would have been for more of the tasty chutney as it did get a little dry.

The sandwich was served with a side salad and some home-made chips. As soon as they came out of the kitchen the fantastic smell of chips filled the room. They were very tasty, but what made it even better was the fact that I had more on my plate than Marc.

He ordered his Cajun chicken sandwich on brown bread, which looked equally delicious. And according to him tasted the same - especially with the addition of stolen chips!

Around half an hour after walking through the door and with plenty of my lunch hour to spare we were done. But don’t get me wrong the service was efficient but not rushed.

We had a great, relaxing lunch at Eden with the food costing just £4.95 each.

The only problem was that I was not hungry enough to try any of the puddings or the other more substantial options on the main course menu.

But don’t worry we will be going back, if the chef can make sandwiches and chips like that I really want to see what the dinner menu is like.

Review by Suzie Pike