Grantham charity shop losing out to ‘zealous wardens’

Parking sign in Market Place, Grantham.
Parking sign in Market Place, Grantham.
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The manager of the Oxfam shop in Market Place, Grantham, says it is losing income because customers are being fined when they park in the loading bay nearby.

Following the Journal’s article last week about pensioner Thomas Sumner who was fined for parking in the loading bay because he did not see the restriction signs, Oxfam manager Olive Billingham said her staff had seen numerous cars ticketed as soon as they park there.

She said: “Several customers who have popped into our shop to unload and donate goods have been fined. Surely this is classed as vehicle unloading and does not warrant a fine.

“We as a charity rely on donated goods, but unfortunately the zealous wardens are deterring people from doing this and we are losing much needed income. Surely the sensible thing for the wardens to do is to note the registration plate, return after 10 minutes or so and, if the car is still there, then issue a fine.

“It’s no wonder so many people shop out of town when a couple of minutes’ parking here in Grantham costs £70.”