Grantham couple put restaurant and award-winning chip shop up for sale

David and Allison Wells at Wellingtons Kitchen and Bar.
David and Allison Wells at Wellingtons Kitchen and Bar.
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A Grantham couple have put their restaurant and award-winning chip shop up for sale.

Allison and David Wells have put Wellies shop in Springfield Road and their Wellington’s Kitchen and Bar in High Street on the market.

Mrs Wells said that they had struggled to get enough skilled staff into the businesses and their daughter Amii, who runs Wellies, would be leaving for a year on maternity leave, making it more 
difficult to run both businesses.

Mrs Wells added: “Our daughter is going on maternity leave for a year and we felt we could not keep up the standard for the two businesses. We don’t want to let either business go downhill and lose that good reputation.”

She added: “We have tried to take on a number of friers but we cannot find the people with the adequate skills to replace the staff who have left.

“We would love to keep both of the businesses. The chip shop is doing really well, but we don’t want to be in a position where we cannot give either of them enough attention.”

Mrs Wells said if one of the businesses was sold they would be able to concentrate on running the other.

She insisted there was no other reason for putting the businesses up for sale, and added: “I get sick of people putting Grantham down. Independents like us are trying to do something positive for Grantham.”

Mr and Mrs Wells opened the High Street restaurant in March. The restaurant serves traditional British dishes as well as Continental dishes. The couple also opened a cafe, to the side of the premises, which they have called A Bit on the Side, which also sells fish and chips, sausage and chips and other dishes. The cafe also provides take-outs.