Grantham electrical company looks to expand after developing solar plant technology

Lewis Grove, left, renewable team leader, and business owner Simon Hopkins with the SHESGuard panel.
Lewis Grove, left, renewable team leader, and business owner Simon Hopkins with the SHESGuard panel.
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A Grantham electrical company is planning to expand rapidly after developing technology which monitors the performance of solar panels.

Simon Hopkins Electrical Services began work on the SHESGuard panel 18 months ago. It now monitors 20 solar panel sites around the country, from Cornwall to Scotland, and the demand is so great that Mr Hopkins says the company plans to open offices around the country.

The SHESGuard is a panel in the company’s Grantham office which monitors the performance of large solar panel sites such as farms, airports and ports. The idea was born when farmers approached the company asking it to look at their solar plants which were underperforming. The company discovered numerous faults with the solar plants and set about developing SHESGuard with the help of an IT programmer.

SHESGuard monitors the solar panels through an internet connection and the results are stored in the Cloud.

Once the panel discovers a fault with the solar plant it sends an email to the Grantham office with details of those faults. The company employs engineers who can be sent to the location to fix 

Mr Hopkins says some farmers and other businesses have found they are losing tens of thousand of pounds in revenue because of faults with their solar panels.

Mr Hopkins said: “We make our money when we get called out. Some solar plant owners are losing tens of thousands of pounds because of these faults so it pays for them to pay us to fix those faults and maintain their solar plants. That’s where we shine. Our largest site is 6,500 panels on a poultry farm in north Lincolnshire. We are used to working with big sites.”

The Grantham company is currently keeping an eye on about 40,000 solar panels but there is massive scope for expansion as there has been interest from many individuals, not just in the UK but also Ireland and on the Continent, where Mr Hopkins and his team are looking to target business in the near future.

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