Grantham Journal Big Interview: Book reveals secret to success

Paul and Diane Browning with the book, and either side its characters Stuart and Frank.
Paul and Diane Browning with the book, and either side its characters Stuart and Frank.
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A couple who turned their lives around and started a multi-million pound business have created a motivational book on the secret to success.

Paul and Diane Browning saw how adapting their thought processes had a life-changing impact, and their own experiences have informed Paul’s book ‘The Story of Stuart and Frank: How you can achieve the results you really want’.

The Journal spoke to the Marston couple to find out more.

How did you achieve success?

It goes back to 1992, when we got married and were living in Sedgebrook. We had both gone through divorces, were £25,000 in debt and faced going off the rails. We realised we needed to stop thinking and doing the same things. So we made a decision - to set up our own business. We had no experience, but I was a qualified microbiologist and salesman with a chemical company, so in 1995 with the support of two investors we set up Pentasol (FB) Limited manufactuing cleaning chemicals for the food and beverage industries. In 2004 we sold our shares for £1.4 million.

What did you do with this success?

We moved to the Isle of Skye where we led completely different lives. We were then introduced to a self-help book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, and one of its contributors Bob Proctor regarding their theories on the effect of positive thinking, which we had seen ourselves. We invested £20,000 and went out to America to meet Bob and take his course, returning to Skye in 2009 as qualified life success coaches with our own concept ‘Grow Your Mind’.

Can you explain more about this?

Although many exercise their bodies, the mind can suffer without a ‘GYM’ of its own. To demonstrate this we created two fictional characters - Stuart who represents success and Frank who stands for failure. The book follows their lives and the decisions they make at key points, showing how thoughts become feelings and how these influnce actions, which ultimately determine success. The second half of the book shows the reader how they can apply these principles to their own lives.

Who is the book aimed at?

Anyone with the question: ‘How can I achieve successful results in my life?’ This could relate to work, health, debt management or relationships. The characters make it accessible for younger readers too, who want to do better in school and college, where we have delivered workshops.

And you’ve been working with prisons?

Yes we’ve received great feedback from our ‘Thinking into Freedom’ workshops at HMP Inverness and Birmingham. In 2011 we returned to the Midlands to focus on this, because we want to help reduce the high reoffending rates. We are also looking to get involved in the Ministry of Justice’s Transforming Rehabilitation scheme which will see part of the probation service privatised. As a result ex-offenders should receive a lot more guidance when they are released, and we want to be part of it.

Where can people buy the book?

From Amazon and selected Waterstones stores.

Information:, or email paul@stuartandfranks