Grantham Journal Big Interview: Double business awards winner recruiting for an even brighter future

Grantham Journal Business Awards 2017
Grantham Journal Business Awards 2017
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Harlaxton Engineering Services, based in Marston, celebrated the first of two top awards at The Grantham Journal Business Awards, earlier this month.

Despite being set up 20 years ago, it has only been in the last four years that it has made great strides with success out of the renewables boom. After their double win, the company’s managing director Geoff McManus told us more.

Darran Hazlewood operating the digger and shredder

Darran Hazlewood operating the digger and shredder

How did it feel to win not one but two awards at this years’ Grantham Journal Business Awards?

It was an exceptional achievement and a true reflection of the commitment invested by every person at Harlaxton. The greatest pleasure is seeing how elated the teams have been following the awards, having been involved since inception.

What does it mean to the company to win Business of the Year?

As a Grantham business, this represents a significant milestone in our ongoing company development. Whilst a recognition of our current success, I do hope that this award supports the raising of our profile locally in order to engage and further recruit new talent.

Ian Clare operating the welding machine

Ian Clare operating the welding machine

For those who are not aware of the company, tell us a bit about your background and what you do?

Harlaxton Engineering Services was formed in 1998 by Richard Hibbert who specialised in complex technical utilities work across the globe. It was not until 2013 and following a change in government policy regarding renewable technologies that the company grew to employ further personnel. Following the decline of renewables in 2015, Harlaxton expanded to offer High Voltage and gas and water utility networks across the UK in different sectors and is now recognised as the supplier 
of choice for both bespoke and routine technical solutions.

Why do you think you won the award?

It has been great to grow in size at such a fast pace over the past two years, however I often feel turnover is viewed as the vanity of business. The sanity and real value in running a ‘profitable’ business encompasses employee engagement, ensuring every member of the team feels valued through their contributions for which the direct effects are realised and communicated effectively. I believe the way we operate and engage our people enabled success at the awards, but is also what makes us so successful in the wider world.

How do you separate yourselves from the rest of the market?

Harlaxton offers bespoke packages for utilities installations which our competitors cannot match. Much of our work is often though referral and repeatedly once clients 
have been unable to realise their vision using the incumbent network operator or contractor.

What are the next steps for the company?

As we continue to develop the business our hopes and aspirations for the future surround promotion of our key values in delivering a quality installation, ongoing employee satisfaction, upskilling and retention of our core culture which makes our day to lives feel special.

Harlaxton is currently recruiting for a number of positions in Grantham for both office and trade staff, including skilled and apprentice vacancies.

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