Grantham MP Nick Boles says announcement of garden village investment ‘is brilliant’

Grantham MP Nick Boles.
Grantham MP Nick Boles.
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The Government’s announcement of a garden village to be built on the edge of Grantham has been welcomed by Grantham MP Nick Boles.

Mr Boles says the confirmation of £6m of investment to turn housing plans at Spitalgate Heath into a new garden village is ‘brilliant’.

About 4,000 homes will be built on the site on Somerby Hill, where housing is already allocated. It brings with it £6m of investment over two years into local services, including the completion of the new relief road designed to ease congestion in Grantham. Plans also include schools and shops on the site, which is intended to be greener and more attractive that a typical new housing estate, and to include more affordable homes.

Former planning minister Mr Boles, who is undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment, said: “I’ve been supportive of the plans from the outset and this investment is brilliant. I hope to see thousands of people able to get on the housing ladder in a bright new community, buying an affordable home in an area that comes with all the facilities they will need built to meet their demand.

“We need housing and it makes perfect sense to create new communities like this that have everything residents need, rather than just keep whacking more houses up on the edges of existing towns and expecting people to travel in to existing shops and the doctors. That just adds congestion and pressure on services, and can make life tougher for existing residents.

“The great benefit of this proposal, and the other 13 schemes planned around the country, is that it can be a self-sustaining new community with all of the services people need, creating jobs and offering new homes all at once.

“It will even benefit Grantham residents by allowing the completion of the relief road so traffic doesn’t have to fight its way down the A52 through town anymore. It’s a positive step for our whole area.”