Grantham retro gaming store due to open this week

Retro games
Retro games
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A new shop is due to open on Monday in Westgate selling retro computer games.

The Gaming Squad team is fitting out its new store at 24 Westgate on the corner with Welby Street.

The store will empl0y four people, two full-time and two part-time.

The company says the move has come after months of negotiations when it considered properties in Boston, Skegness and Grantham before deciding that Grantham would be the best location to continue its growth in Lincolnshire.

Joint owner Luke Mitchell said: “We feel that the opportunity to expand into Grantham was the best option at the time. We wanted to bring a sole focused Gaming Shop into Grantham and believe that there will certainly be a client base for our specialist retro game shop, while we still stock modern pre owned titles for our customers who do not want to take a trip down memory lane.”

The company has been keen to expand after setting up its first ‘micro-store’ in Sleaford.

Mr Mitchell said: “The store has been going really well. We didn’t expect too much from it, but it has been extremely popular with people coming from all over including Nottingham and Grantham.

“Retro gaming has boomed in the last two or three years and its going through a kind of fad.

“We expect we will not do too badly in Grantham.”

Among the familiar names that will be available are Nintendo, Commodore and Atari. The store will sell games, consoles and associated memoriabilia and will accept trade-ins.

The company has signed a three-year lease for the store. It is thinking of expanding further with another shop in the area. Bourne is the most likely location with Neewark and Peterborough also in mind.

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