Life-saving water skills are taught at Puddle Ducks’ classes

Puddle Ducks swimming classes at Belton Woods Hotel. 980D
Puddle Ducks swimming classes at Belton Woods Hotel. 980D
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Puddle Ducks’ regular ‘Pyjama Parties’ help parents, babies and children learn new life-saving skills.

The swimming group teaches children from birth to school age and parents vital life-saving skills in the water.

The group has pyjama parties every term where teachers show the swimmers how to swim on their front and back, resurface after jumping and how to behave safely around water to name but three, all while wearing clothes. Or in this case, pyjamas.

Teachers make the classes fun, while stressing the importance of the skills, and teach parents with newborn babies how to hold their child safely in the water, take the baby underwater and find their baby’s natural floating position.

Lynne Slater, Puddle Ducks administrator, said: “It is incredible to see schoolchildren and even three- and four-year-old’s in pyjamas shouting from the poolside to their friends to ‘keep kicking and swim to the side’.

“At Puddle Ducks we are not only passionate about making swimming fun­ we know that we can potentially save lives, too.”

Classes are held at both the Ramada Hotel and Belton Woods Hotel.

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