‘Liquid deli’ in Grantham has it all on tap

Luke Adams at The Trickling Tap in Grantham. 477D
Luke Adams at The Trickling Tap in Grantham. 477D
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A business idea distilled on family visits to Italy has reached fruition in Grantham.

The Trickling Tap, described as a “liquid deli” by manager Luke Adams, began selling its range of wines, spirits, coffees, teas and oils at the end of last month and is already proving popular with customers delighted by some unique features.

For a start, they expect the shop in Market Place to be part of a chain, but are pleased to find it is a new independent store owned and run by Luke and his parents, Paul and Karen.

And it has another unique feature - wine on tap sold in metered quantities to fill customers’ own bottles or other containers.

It is the way many Italians buy their wine and the business has invested in equipment from Italy which is exclusive to The Trickling Tap in the UK.

The only difference is, large-scale wineries abroad tend to sell their cheaper varieties in this way, whereas The Trickling Tap will offer high quality wines through their two pumps fed by 650-litre containers.

Seeing the process in Italy gave Luke’s dad the idea that has evolved into The Trickling Tap - and explains the name.

Since Paul hatched the plan after a family visit to his sister in Northern Italy seven years ago, Luke has equipped himself to run the business by gaining a degree, studying to extend his knowledge of wine and developing the idea.

He says the ethos is “to provide the best quality products in the desired quantity with reduced packaging to minimise the impact on the environment while ensuring high standards of customer service”.

The environmentally friendly, bring-your-own-container concept also extends to spirits and oils available from the shop.

Last week, the range included vodkas and a gin sold from large carboys, and ‘loose’ varieties of olive oil and rapeseed oil, coffee and tea, all personally selected by the owners.

Regular bottled products are available as well, including a range of hard-to-find wines and champagnes from around the world priced from £7 to £40.

The range of products is growing and will change all the time and Luke hopes customers will enjoy sampling the stock.

Luke, who lives with his parents in Belton Lane and is a former Kings School student said: “We hope people will enjoy coming into the shop and learning about our speciality products and dicovering new flavours, We want the whole experience to be fun.”