Mobile phone loyalty app launched to boost business in Grantham

The new Loyalty App
The new Loyalty App
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A Grantham businessman has launched a loyalty app for mobile phones to help boost independent retailers in the town.

Les Burrow launched the Loyalty App at a meeting of Grantham Retailers Association on Wednesday night to a group of about 50 town business people. The app will work on iPhones and Android phones.

Local businesses can sign up to the scheme and promote their offers. It allows customers to use their phones instead of paper and plastic loyalty cards which Mr Burrow says can easily be left behind, while people will always carry their phones with them.

When customers download the free app they will be able to see which businesses are members of the scheme and what offers they are promoting. These can include the equivalent of a loyalty card so they may be able to buy four items and get the fifth free. The customer takes their phone into the shop and when they buy an item an e-stamp is used to “stamp” the phone.

Mr Burrow said the app gives businesses “a captive audience” allowing them to take their customers’ details and advertise their business to those people by email or text.

Debbie Traynor, of Juice e Vaporium, said: “I think it’s a wonderful way of not only marketing the business but also collecting information regarding ways to contact our customer base.”

A free trial is available to businesses. Then it is £35 per month if they continue. For more details go to www.