Mum’s warning after sharp wire found inside nappy

Lyndsey Barwell is hoping to make other people aware of the problem.
Lyndsey Barwell is hoping to make other people aware of the problem.
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A “horrified” mum found a six-inch length of wire lying inside the nappy she was about to put on her son.

The nappy came from a pack of Tesco’s own brand which were purchased from the new Tesco Express store in Keats Avenue, off Harrowby Lane.

Mum Lyndsey Barwell said: “I’m absolutely horrified - it’s a long piece of wire. If I hadn’t found it, it could have hurt him externally or internally - the damage doesn’t bare thinking about.”

Lyndsey, who lives in Threekingham with her son, Flynn, contacted the Journal as she wants other parents to be vigilant to the problem.

She said: “I took it out of the packaging, laid it out flat ready to put on my son and it was just lying there in the middle of the nappy. It’s as long as a finger and both ends are sharp.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I’m concerned now about other parents finding one.

“A lot of parents just throw on a nappy without looking. I was just lucky to notice it.”

Lyndsey contacted Tesco to complain, as well as Trading Standards, however, she said she was concerned the company is not sufficiently concerned..

She said: “Tesco isn’t taking this seriously. It’s not like food that has gone off, it’s wire in a nappy.”

However, a spokesman for Tesco said the company is “concerned” about what has happened, adding that there are checks in place designed to prevent this kind of problem occurring.

The spokesman said: ‘We expect all of our products to meet our high standards and we were concerned to learn of this issue.

“Nappies undergo thorough testing before arriving at our stores, including passing through a metal detector.

“We are in contact with our customer and will continue to look into the matter and keep our customer updated.”