Paint narrowly misses baby as it falls and covers mum

Tanya Thomas was covered in paint at the B&Q store in Grantham.
Tanya Thomas was covered in paint at the B&Q store in Grantham.
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A MOTHER who was holding her baby when a tin of paint fell and covered her is demanding an apology from the store.

Tanya Thomas, of Tamar Court, Grantham, was shopping in B&Q with her children last Tuesday when the tin fell.

She said: “I didn’t touch the paint. The tin fell from the shelf and the paint has gone down all of my trousers. It only just missed my baby. It could’ve done him damage if I hadn’t moved out of the way. If it had hit him, I don’t like to think.”

The white paint covered Tanya’s trousers and trainers. It also splashed the purse she was holding and her baby.

She asked her two other children to get help and one of the store workers came to assist.

She said: “I told him to hold the baby so I didn’t fall over in the paint. He told me to go and take my trousers off and wash them. He gave me back the baby.”

Tanya was shown to the toilet where she tried to clean up using toilet paper and cold water but the paint would not shift so she went back to the worker.

She said: “He told me to go home and put them in the washing machine before they stained. I’m not going to argue in front of my children, I didn’t want to make a scene. So I left the store, I didn’t have no apology.”

After returning home, getting paint on her car in the process, Tanya rang the store’s head office. She said she was not happy and wanted money back for the trousers. But she said the woman refused to help her.

Tanya said: “I think the way I’ve been treated is disgusting. They called me a liar and said paint can’t just fall off the shelf. I did ask them to look at their CCTV but they’re not willing to. I’m upset, I haven’t even had an apology. They said I’ve only got the tiniest bit of paint on me.”

A B&Q spokesman said: “The safety of our customers is always our primary concern and we would like to apologise to Mrs Thomas that we didn’t meet our own high standards on this occasion. Mrs Thomas and her family certainly have not had the quality of service that we pride ourselves on and, as well as apologising for any distress caused, we have also been in contact with Mrs Thomas to give her a gesture of good will.”