Sale falls through because of turbine plan for Hough on the Hill near Grantham

Jo Fagan cannot sell her Stubton home.
Jo Fagan cannot sell her Stubton home.
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A Stubton woman is devastated after her house sale fell through because of the proposed wind farm near her home.

Jo Fagan thought she had sold her house in the village, but was amazed to receive a letter from her estate agent saying the sale would not happen because of the proposed five-turbine wind farm at Hough Grange Farm, Hough on the Hill.

Mrs Fagan said: “I attended an exhibition put on by the developer where I asked them about the impact of wind farms on house prices. The lady I spoke to assured me that there was no evidence that wind farms affect house prices. I was quite reassured, although I don’t think this development is right for this area.

“This letter was therefore a bolt from the blue. My agent was quite clear that it was the threat of the wind farm that had caused the buyer to withdraw and no price negotiation would be entered into. Literally, no sale at any price. I don’t know how those who support wind farms can say they’re a good idea when even before they’re built they have such a detrimental effect on an ordinary person like me who has to sell her house.”

In a letter from estate agent Winkworth, Mrs Fagan was told that the buyer “advised that the reason for him withdrawing his offer is due to the proposed wind turbines in the vicinity.

“He was advised by his solicitor that in his opinion the turbines would impact on both the market value and saleability of the property should the proposals go ahead.”

Winkworth said it had asked the potential buyer if he would ne interested in the property at a reduced price, but he had said he would not buy the house or any others in the area because of the threat of turbines.