Self-service dog wash arrives in Grantham

Staff at Kenelgate Pet Superstore
Staff at Kenelgate Pet Superstore
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Pet owners can take their pooches to a self-service dog wash, avoiding the mess of cleaning them at home.

The service was launched last weekend at Kennelgate Pet Superstore on London Road as part of a nationwide roll-out.

Among the first to use the service was Winnie, a ten-year-old Alsation belonging to Liz Nicholson, a sales assistant and experienced dog handler.

Kennelgate believe the service is a first for Grantham. It adds to the variety of pet-based services around that part of London Road, where Kennelgate has operated for around 20 years.

Manager Clare Porter said the store plans to introduce puppy training workshops once it has sorted out the registration of trainers.

A year ago, it launched a click and collect service, adding to the website that started three years ago.

Here, Winnie is pictured being washed by supervisor Liz Nicholson and manager Clare Porter.