Social media is a great boost to Grantham’s Gravity Fields festival

Paul Wilson is leading the social networking campaign for Gravity Fields.
Paul Wilson is leading the social networking campaign for Gravity Fields.
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TWITTER has spread the word of Gravity Fields like wildfire, making it the most talked about science festival in the country.

In a matter of weeks, @gravityfields has gained over 3,500 followers and scored higher than the British Science Festival and Cheltenham Festival in terms of its influence rating.

And the man behind it is Rotarian Paul Wilson. Having massively raised the profile of the Rotary Global Swimarathon back in February, Paul was drafted in by festival organisers to work his magic on Gravity Fields.

Paul, 41, from Long Bennington, said: “It’s been great because so many people have been so enthusiastic about it.

”I’ve been doing the festival’s social networking for about 10 hours a week. It does take a lot of effort to get the intial ball rolling, to start with zero followers.

“There is an art form to how you tweet.”

The festival’s influence is rated by a body called Klout, which measures interaction on social networking sites.

To score over 50 is exceptional, with 20 being the average score. Gravity Fields stands at 68, beating The British Science Festival at 60 and Cheltenham at 62.

Paul said: “A festival like this is something really exciting, not just for local people but for people around the world. Everybody knows Isaac Newton.”

The power of social media should not be underestminated, believes Paul, who has been inspired to launch into social media consultancy as a career path.

By sending just one tweet, the festival’s 3,500 followers have the potential to retweet to 36,000,000 people on Twitter.

He said: “Any event which doesn’t have a social media presence is missing a great opportunity. Interaction is key.

“A sense of community is what you always want to try and instill in people and that’s what social media does.”

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