Tattoo artist friends go on to become neighbours

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TWO tattoo artists have just started the ultimate friendly rivalry by setting up shops next to each other.

Darren Paddison owns The Tattoo Shop, in Commercial Road, Grantham, but he has split it into two businesses - Paddy’s Tattoos and Danny’s Tattoos.

In his side of the shop (Paddy’s) Darren specialises in realistic images, portraits and modern tattoos whereas his friend Danny Charles is more traditional with ‘old school’ images.

Darren said: “We have two shops side by side competing on a friendly level.

“I got to know Danny while working at Bladerunner in Grantham. I realised we had two styles and it would be nice to have the shops next to each other.”

The shops opened on March 1 and so far business is doing really well with both artists now taking bookings six weeks in advance.

Darren said: “It’s going really well. I was worried to start with if there was enough trade for two shops but since we opened we’ve been full every day.”

Both shops have even taken on new staff to do the smaller tattoos so that Darren and Danny can focus on the more advanced work.

Darren started tattooing about three years ago. Before that he did a degree in ceramics and other artwork including painting murals at Grantham Hospital.

He said: “Everything I do is art.”

Because of his artistic background there are no pictures of tattoos on the walls for Darren to copy. Every piece he does is personally designed and you can even take a photo of your favourite picture or object in for him to copy.

Darren also offers artwork by local artists in his shop to add to the warm, friendly environment.

The shops are open seven days a week. Tattoos are priced at £50 per hour. For an appointment text Darren on 07542941217.