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SOUTH Kesteven District Council comes in for its fair share of criticism, and the Journal is the first to hold the local authority to account.

But surely the news this week that SKDC is willing to back the local housing market to the tune of £5m must be lauded at all quarters?

The commitment to guaranteeing home buyers’ deposits – in particular first time buyers – is not a reckless council frittering money away on frivolous ‘blue-sky thinking’. This is a local solution to a crippling national problem.

Of course, not every last penny of the £5m will be needed. What this represents is the council’s commitment to using YOUR money wisely, for the good of the district.

In the first instance, this will give hundreds of young people the opportunity to buy a home and get on the property ladder. Well, so what?

So: that means all that money that those very same young people would have been squirreling away for the next five years for their deposit is partially freed-up.

Yes, they will still have to be frugal and responsible in repaying their bills, but the little bit extra will inevitably end up in the palms of retailers. Let’s hope they repay the local tax payer and spend it in the town that made their dreams of owning their own homes come true.