There is no mistake in the name at the OK Diner

Scene Setter : OK Diner. 687B
Scene Setter : OK Diner. 687B
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THE OK Diner is exactly what it claims to be - OK, but no more than that.

I wasn’t expecting luxury when I stopped off at the roadside restaurant near Colsterworth on a warm Wednesday night but I did hope for a little more.

When we walked into the diner my partner and I were greeted by a smiling waitress who had seen us crossing the car park. She promptly showed us to our seats and handed us the menu.

The atmosphere, although quite quiet, was pleasant. And the decor made me feel like I should have worn a 1950s jive skirt and be getting ready to go to a hop.

There was a lot of choice of different burgers on the menu and it took a while to decide.

Eventually we both chose to have strawberry milkshake and as we were really hungry opted for the garlic bread with cheese from the ‘While you wait’ section.

It turned out that there was a wait but after a while the starter arrived, followed by the milkshakes.

The bread was quite tasty and really hot. It certainly filled a gap while we waited for the main course.

The milkshake was incredible. We were given enough to fill slightly more than two glasses each and it tasted fantastic. You are even given a spoon so you can eat the pieces of fruit in it.

For main course I ordered cod burger and curly fries. The fries were nice but I was less impressed by the burger.

It had a little salad but most mouthfuls seemed to just consist of batter and bun. I left quite a lot on my plate despite being hungry.

My partner Marc’s meal looked a lot more appertising. He had a 10 oz cheeseburger.

The cheese oozed over the sides and it was massive. However, again the taste was apparently not great. He did point out that the chips were really good and he ate most of the burger.

Still hungry, and a big fan of puddings, I decided to order the OK Pancake Stack with warm berries and ice cream.

This was the best part of the meal by far. The cherries were sweet and the pancakes were tasty.

What made it even better is that there was lots of it with three thick pancakes and a big scoop of ice cream - they do offer a double size one but I don’t know how anyone could manage that! When I had finished Marc decided to try them. He had groaned when I ordered pancakes as he is not a fan - and he knew I would never manage it all - but he managed to clean the plate. It seems they are a lot better than the ones I cook at home.

Throughout the meal, which cost just over £30, the service was great and the waitress was very attentive checking if we needed anything. She even apologised for us having to wait for the drinks. I think she probably deserves one of the stars I have awarded.

I can’t say that I would rush back to the OK Diner but at least when I drive by it everyday I will now know what it is like inside.

Review By Suzie Pike