Try ‘vaping’ at Grantham store

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A new store in The George Centre is offering a healthier and cleaner alternative for smokers.

‘Vaping’ is a relatively new concept where nicotine addicts inhale nicotine vapours flavoured to your choice rather than take in nicotine alongside harmful chemicals via a cigarette.

The Juice-e-Vaporium in Grantham offers the e-cigarettes and a variety of e-juice flavours including cherry, mint, apple and even tobacco and cigar.

The store is run by Debbie and Kam Gray.

Debbie said: “Any time is a good time to stop smoking but this isn’t a way for people stop smoking. It’s not a pharmaceutical product to help people stop smoking but it is healthier, without the tar, arsenic and other chemicals you inhale.

“But from personal experience we switched from smoking to using these and we have both been stopped a year.”

The businesswomen are still nicotine addicts but now get their nicotine fix in a way they insist is much healthier and more sociable.

Debbie said: “People can come in and try the different flavours to see what it is about before taking the plunge. Try before you buy.”

The products are only for sale to over-18s. Call the store on 01476 576525.