Union disappointed at council job losses in Grantham

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A union has described the job losses at South Kesteven District Council as “alarming” and “disappointing”.

Unison, which represents local government workers, said the recent announcement concerning job cuts in the district would have a knock-on effect on local services.

Unison representative for the district Adrian Morgan said: “It was disappointing to learn that South Kesteven District Council were planning to make job losses. These are valuable skills and experience which are lost in the Grantham area. Although it may only seem a small number of jobs that are going, this is a second round of job losses in 2014 and its proportional to the county. If 10 people lose their jobs in the area it’s a lot of people for the size of the district.”

In a statement earlier today, council leader Linda Neal said: “We have redesigned our management structure and reduced the number of management posts. For example nine former Heads of Service have been replaced by five Executive Business Managers and there have been other reductions across the organisation.

“This will mean that managers will take on additional or new responsibilities and, when completed, this will produce significant savings which will be redirected to frontline provision.”

Mr Morgan said the job cuts were alarming because so many services would be losing out. It was bad for the Grantham economy and for young people who need a boost in jobs locally.

Mr Morgan added: “As always in a case like this, someone else is always going to suffer and usually it is the vulnerable and those who do not have a voice.”