Walton girls launch the Green Team

Walton Girls' High School Green Team Hannah Pickard, Chloe Brewin and Ruby Gallagher.
Walton Girls' High School Green Team Hannah Pickard, Chloe Brewin and Ruby Gallagher.
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Walton Girls’ High School students Chloe Brewin, Hannah Pickard and Ruby Gallagher, have created a Green Team to help to reduce energy usage.

Chloe writes: “Two of my friends and I have started up the Green Team to try to save energy and resources for the Earth so future generations can use them. We are all 15 years old and have decided to take action to try to change the way our school goes about recycling.

“The school makes an effort to use energy-saving devices, for example, light sensors, but having looked around the school we discovered we could do so much more. We conducted a survey and found that, excluding the toilets, the school has 577 lights, many of which were being left on when the room wasn’t being used. We also found that there were fans and heaters left running in classrooms.

“This is costing the school a lot of money and we think that this money could be better used elsewhere. We have already done many things to campaign about the issue including holding conference calls, attending meetings and doing presentations in front of students and the governors of the school.

“After having feedback from the school about our campaign, we decided to have a competition to design a logo for our Green Team. I am delighted to say that we had a lot of entries and we know that it is going to be a huge success.

“In September, we opened a school shop where we sell recycled stationary. We had the idea of creating a Green Team to encourage student leadership and to make our school community more energy efficient. We are looking forward to seeing how much of a difference we can make to the energy consumption, and hope that other students will become aware of just how much energy we can waste if we’re not careful.”