Your pets can have their own holiday at animal hotel in Grantham

Lynn Davison has set up a pets hotel. 418D
Lynn Davison has set up a pets hotel. 418D
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Lynn Davison is the proud owner of new business Lynnies Guineas, a holiday boarding home for rabbits and guinea pigs.

The small pet holiday home accommodates family pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters.

Lynn’s passion for animals inspired her to create a business where people can bring their pets for a holiday while they enjoy their own.

Having discovered no other animal holiday homes in the area, Lynn saw a gap in the market and took matters into her own hands. So she set up the boarding home for animals in the hope of filling her cages with pets.

She said: “It’s a home from home.”

Since then, Lynn has created a website and advertised her business around Grantham. She sees the business as her little domain and thoroughly enjoys looking after pets.

Lynnies Guineas is based at her home in Elliot Close, Grantham. She has plenty of outside space with runs for animals which she says is where they can sunbathe. Lynn is very friendly and welcoming and will give your pets a great holiday.

To contact Lynn, e-mail or call her on 07756 743799.