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Re: ‘Journal should not print nasty Thatcher letters’ – Isn’t the press there to air everyone’s views, not just those of David Close?

Yes, she deserves her place in history, and a blue plaque, both outside her birthplace, and at the school that helped her become what she wanted to be, but a statue here?

She wasn’t even our MP.

She already has a statue, in the Houses of Parliament, with all our other leaders. Also, do we really have the money for one?

Yes this town has voted Tory for the past 60 years, however, 60 years ago the town’s Tory council probably cared about the town.

In the past 20 years, they have made Grantham - a once-beautiful historic market town - a place full of charity shops, mobile phone stores and empty units.

The once-bustling market is almost non-existent. Within the past year alone we have lost four high street shops, with four more closing within the next six months.

Still there is still no sign of SKDC filling the empty spaces left behind.

People vote Tory here because ‘thats what people here have always done’

If people want this town to become what we all know it can be, then we need to change how the council thinks and behaves, and ask ourselves, can another political party do any better? Surely none can do any worse!

Tracy Burling