Call for free transport to grammar schools

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Parents and teachers were invited to give their views on Lincolnshire’s school transport policy at a series of meetings as part of a review recently.

Councillors are looking at whether changes need to be made to the policy after two campaign groups said it was unfair. One group, based around the Bythams, is unhappy that grammar school pupils living there are only offered free transport to Stamford, but not Bourne, which is the same distance away. Another group in Claypole has a similar issue.

Jane King, from Creeton, has a son at Bourne Academy and a daughter at Bourne Grammar. She went to one of the meetings at the county council offices last week.

She said: “I did feel that the councillors present were engaged and interested in the issues we face. I did welcome the fact that this group of councillors were open to listening to how we feel policy is currently unfair and unequitable. It is clear that the councillors were unaware of how the policy varies across the county.”

Possible options to change the policy were discussed, and Jane added: “I left the meeting hopeful that changes to the policy will be made to make it fair for all, in other words, the same level of transport offered to all families across the county who choose to send their child to a grammar school.

“We have offered the council the option to speak to us again, should they feel it would be helpful.”

A decision is likely to be made by the council’s executive in the spring.