Can Cllrs claim for their green bins on expenses?

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It’S all well and good to charge a waste green bin collection charge of £25 per year, but this it would appear only covers some 30,000 households, many of whom I would suggest are OAPs.

Does this mean that we will be subsidising the rest of the Grantham community with regard to the council tax? Or is it Cllr John Smith’s intention to charge those who do not have a green bin a similar amount for some other facility so as to even things up across the board?

For those who do not wish to avail themselves of the waste collection, will they be able to get their £10 paid for the green bin or is this just another loss that has to be borne by many OAPs.

Surely if he is looking for ways to maintain the current level of taxation, then all households should be involved across the whole of the Grantham society, not just the minority.

Perhaps today’s politicians can claim for their green bins on expenses?

Peter J Carter

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