Can you give poorly pussycat at Foston a new home?

Ivan needs a new home.
Ivan needs a new home.
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After a very poorly stray cat turned up at her house, a Foston lady is asking people to get in touch if they can give the friendly feline a new home.

Two months ago Sandra Hennessy took in the tabby who she has named Ivan, who was starving and in a very bad condition.

On taking him to the vets, Sandra discovered not only that Ivan had an eye infection but feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which attacks the immune system in a similar way to the effect of HIV on humans.

While FIV poses no threat to humans it can be passed on to other cats via bites, scratches and saliva, which is why Sandra as the owner of three other cats is unable to keep Ivan despite growing very fond of him.

For the time being she has had to confine Ivan to a separate room, and although he is now in a much better state with ointment improving the eye infection, Sandra is eager to find a home where he can enjoy more freedom.

With no microchip to trace any previous owner, if a new home can’t be found Sandra fears Ivan will have to be put down and added: “It would be such a shame as he is a friendly and loving cat, not nasty at all.”

She added: “I am hoping we can find someone who is willing to give him the home and love he deserves. Ivan would have to be homed where there are no other cats and kept as a house cat unless there is a closed in outside area he can use where no other cats can get in. It’s not fair to keep Ivan shut in one room most of the time like I have too but I hope I don’t have to consider the only other option I have.”

If you can give Ivan a suitable home contact Sandra on 07904 882067.