Can you offer a loving home to a hen?

Evie the hen
Evie the hen
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About 190 ex-commercial hens due for slaughter are hoping for a happy ending come the weekend.

The British Hen Welfare Trust is hoping to find new homes for the lucky birds in Stamford during an event on Saturday (August 5), but cannot save the hens if they do not have homes to go to. So the charity is appealing to anyone who has a bit of space in their back garden to consider giving a home to some ex-bats.

All the hens have been working hard for 18 months, laying eggs to be sold in supermarkets or go into processed foods. They have never seen daylight, stood on soft grass nor scratched for bugs and slugs.

But they will be slaughtered if homes cannot be found because their egg laying has slowed down, and whilst they don’t come with guarantees, they are generally happy to offer a tasty reward to someone offering to save their lives. Furthermore they will guarantee to any would-be adopter fun and affection; these little hens are seriously good at worming their way into hearts!

Gaynor Davies, the charity’s Head of operations, said: “There is no better feeling than watching these girls flourish after they emerge from the commercial system. They have a full bill of health and will soon become much-loved pets. With a bit of TLC they become incredibly tame, and they’re often described as cats and dogs with feathers.

“If you’ve ever considered giving some ex-bats a home my only advice would be to do it. You won’t regret it.”

To find out more or to book to see the hens visit or call 01884 860084.