Can you spare time to volunteer?

GIFTS Hospice : Maggie Smith. 581B
GIFTS Hospice : Maggie Smith. 581B
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NOW you have helped raise money for the refurbishment and extension of Grantham Hospice why not go along and volunteer?

All kinds of volunteers are needed to help keep the hospice going, from shop workers to gardeners, fund-raisers to therapists.

Assistant fund-raising manager Kay Chambers said: “St Barnabas relies on the support of its volunteers. We couldn’t care for the patients without that support and we do appreciate any time that anybody’s able to give.”

Maggie Smith (pictured) has volunteered at the hospice for almost five years. She said: “I wanted to be useful and give something back. You get a lot of satisfaction from it.”

Flexible working patterns are available. To help call the hospice on 01476 591010.