Canal: ‘Grantham is reminiscent of a third world country’

Grantham Canal, as pictured by Derek Bird.
Grantham Canal, as pictured by Derek Bird.
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A visitor to Grantham who has spent five decades living in Africa has compared the town to a “third world country”.

Derek Bird (right) grew up on a farm alongside Grantham Canal before moving away. He returned earlier this month and was disgusted by what he saw.

He said: “This part of the canal bordered the farm where I was brought up and, for me, it’s quite a sentimental walk. Very few urban dwellers have access to such a tranquil area and the people who live there should treasure this bit of nature.

“However, I was very upset at seeing some of the rubbish in the canal.”

Mr Bird, who now lives in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, took photographs of some of the worst areas of the canal between Earlesfield Lane and the Ramada Hotel to illustrate his point.

But, as well as the amount of rubbish dumped into the water, he also found much to criticise in the state of Grantham’s roads.

Mr Bird said: “I felt that Grantham generally had an air of neglect and some of the pot holes were the biggest I have ever seen – Walton Gardens is a case in point.

“I have lived in Africa for 49 years and have had plenty of experience of the third world; unfortunately the rubbish and the pot holes are reminiscent of the third world and I urge Granthamians to pressure the municipal authorities to sort these problems out.

“Surrounding market towns are in much better nick than Grantham.”