‘Car Park Cat’ Batgirl is returned to her Grantham home

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A black and white cat that had become a familiar sight for staff in Sainsbury’s car park has been reunited with her owner after being missing from home for three months.

The two-year-old cat, whose real name is Batgirl, was given the name ‘Car Park Cat’ by the staff as she would regularly come up to them when they were on their break outside the store.

She had been visiting the car park for a number weeks when Helen Chambers, who works in the Tu clothing department at Sainsbury’s, began to ask if anyone knew where the cat was from.

She said: “She had been coming to the store for several weeks and the staff were feeding her bits of their sandwiches. But nobody seemed to know where she came from, so I caught her and took her to Vets4Pets, where we discovered she was chipped. The vets contacted the owner, who was over the moon that her cat had been found.”

The delighted owner was quicky round to the vets to collect her beloved pet.