Cardboard cops warn thieves of crackdown on shoplifting

Cut outs of police officers are in town stores such as B&M Bargains.
Cut outs of police officers are in town stores such as B&M Bargains.
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POLICE officers in Grantham aim to crackdown on shoplifting following a rise in petty thefts this year.

Lincolnshire Police has recorded 111 offences of shoplifting in Grantham town centre between January and April of this year.

Officers have launched a “high-visability” approach to tackling shop-lifting aimed at “disrupting their activities in the town”.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “Officers will attend shops where known offenders have previously committed offences and target them in the store. The offenders will be made aware of the operation by way of letter and a personal visit.

“The letter outlines the intention of the operation, what it entails, and what will happen if they are caught committing an offence.”

The aim of the operation is to deter offenders from committing offences in town.

Shoppers will this week notice cardboard cut-outs of Gratham police officers in some of the town’s biggest stores including B&M Bargains, Asda, Morrisons and Boots.

PC Simon Wright is leading the operation. He and other officers will also be speaking to shop staff to help them combat petty theft.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “Shop staff will be offered advice in relation to practical crime prevention and also receive advice on stock location and made aware of how items at the front of the store can be removed easily.”

Typical items stolen by shoplifters include meat, clothes, cosmetics and alcohol.

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