Caricature: Grantham artist Malcolm Doughty

Cartoon - Malcolm Doughtey
Cartoon - Malcolm Doughtey
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Malcolm Doughty says he may have suffered for his art but the painter has no regrets about taking the plunge and giving up his job as a draughtsman with Aveling Barford in 1974.

Malcolm, 65, who lives with his wife and their 19-year-old son near Ancaster, took up painting full time and made a living taking commissions. He has painted all sorts in his time but landscapes remain his favourite subject.

He says: “It’s in my soul. It’s what I love and you paint best what you love best. I live in the middle of nowhere. My nearest neighbour is a mile away and so it’s condusive to what I do.”

Malcolm, a former King’s School boy, may be retired now but he still paints and people still buy his pictures. He has also been writing poetry for 20 years and is published in parish magazines. “The sheer pleasure is in doing it,” he says.

Malcolm gave a special mention to his friend Terry Shelbourne, who of course drew this caricature. For 25 years they used to meet every Wednesday in order to paint together. Malcom says: “We would do something a little bit different to what we normally did. When I was starting out Terry was already established as an artist. He was like a god to me and I never dreamt I would meet him, let alone work with him.”