Caricature: Grantham photographer Gordon Arch

Cartoon - Gordon Arch
Cartoon - Gordon Arch
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Gordon Arch has been a professional photographer in Grantham since 1972.

After working from home he took over a business in Castlegate and now has a busy studio in Granville Street.

Grantham-born Gordon taught himself photography at 14, when film and chemicals were involved. He was forbidden from using the darkroom at St Hugh’s secondary school because he was not a science student.

Even though he did not have the qualifications, Gordon was accepted by Chesterfield College of Art after tutors saw the quality of his pictures.

Gordon, 62, lives in Ancaster and has a son Joe, who is a graphic designer at Grantham College, and daughter Charlotte, who is at university.

Among the famous people Gordon has photographed, Alan Whicker was among the most interesting. The TV globe-trotter was “charming” and his voice “mesmerising” when they met on an assignment at Stapleford Park Hotel .

Gordon has photographed the wedding of thousands of local couples.

The versatile photographer says he enjoys taking portraits most. To get the best out o f a subject you should talk, talk, and talk to them, he says.

Caricature by Terry Shelbourne