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Castle Bytham woman has purse returned after it is found in hundreds of tonnes of recycling waste

Shirley Grayson at Mid-UK Recycling
Shirley Grayson at Mid-UK Recycling

A Castle Bytham resident is thanking her lucky stars after her purse, along with its contents, was found among tonnes of recycling waste by an eagle-eyed employee at a recycling facility.

Shirley Grayson had accidentally thrown her purse into her recycling bin and thought she had no hope of ever finding it again.

From left, Attila Botos, of Mid-UK Recycling, Shirley Grayson and Joan Bond.
From left, Attila Botos, of Mid-UK Recycling, Shirley Grayson and Joan Bond.

But Attila Botos, a night shift worker at Mid UK Recycling in Barkston, spotted the purse on the company’s picking line amongst thousands of tonnes of recycling rubbish and pulled it to safety. After examining the contents, Mid UK Recycling were able to contact Mrs Grayson and let her know they had found her belongings. Unfortunately the purse was too badly damaged to survive but all of its contents were safely returned.

Mrs Grayson said: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard that my purse had been found. Once I realised I had put it in my recycling bin I contacted SKDC but I knew there was little hope of finding it.”

Mrs Grayson visited the Mid UK Recycling site to collect her belongings, along with her auntie Joan Bond.

“I am so grateful to Attila for being vigilant enough to spot the purse and honest enough to let her employers know she had found it,” said Mrs Grayson. “I feel incredibly lucky!”

Mid UK Team Leader Katarcyna Kruk said: “Finding something like this among the thousands of tonnes of waste we recycle every day is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I am just pleased we were able to give Mrs Grayson a happy ending to her story.”

Mid UK Recycling Ltd recycles 120,000 tonnes of waste materials every year at its sites in Barkston and Caythorpe. The materials, which include plastics, paper, cardboard, tins and glass, are collected from waste transfer stations in Grantham, Louth, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Boston and Sleaford.

The company handles recycling waste from several local authorities including Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk and Essex.

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