Cat loses eye after being shot in the head in Allington

Willow lost an eye when he was shot at close range.
Willow lost an eye when he was shot at close range.
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The owners of a cat which was shot in the head and lost an eye have appealed for information to help find his attacker.

Five-year-old Willow was shot a few weeks ago and found by his owners in their house with a serious wound. At first, the family thought their pet had been attacked by another animal but when vets operated on Willow and took out the eye, they discovered a gun pellet lodged in his throat.

The poster put up in Allington where Willow was shot.

The poster put up in Allington where Willow was shot.

Owner Neal Dale, of Berts Way, Allington, has put up posters around the village asking for information.

Mr Dale said: “When we found him his eye was clearly damaged and there was a lot of blood. We took him to the vet’s and they suggested we take him to a specialist eye hospital. They said the eye was not repairable.”

Mr Dale, who lives with his wife and three children, added: “He was shot between the eyes at close range deliberately and the aim of the malicious sick individual was to kill. Thankfully Willow was able to escape, but sustained horrendous injuries.

“The police are involved and need as much information as possible. This is being treated as incredibly serious as the individual has without doubt aimed at Willow’s head while standing above him and shot him.”

This is the second incident in which a cat has been shot in the village following a similar incident last year. That cat survived the attack.

Mr Dale said he believed the person who shot Willow must have used a high-powered rifle to cause so much damage.

The family owns two other cats, one of them Willow’s brother, and dogs. Mr Dale said his two young daughters are particularly upset by the incident and the family no longer allows the cats to go out at night.

Katie Burris, of the RSPCA, said: “We don’t have a suspect for this crime at this time. If we were able to find the perpetrator and secure a successful prosecution, they could go to prison and/or face a fine and a ban on keeping animals.”

If anybody has any information about the shooting they can call the police on 101 or Mr Dale on 07734 109025.