Cath thanks supermarket for donation which will help her care for moggies

ASDA raised money for ROCK,'L\R; Danielle Boot, Cath Rowson.
ASDA raised money for ROCK,'L\R; Danielle Boot, Cath Rowson.
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A RESCUE home for cats in Grantham has been presented with a donation of £550.

The cash was raised by staff at Asda last year by asking customers to try their luck on a tombola.

Supermarket employee Danielle Boot handed the money to Cath Rowson, who runs Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens (ROCK), on Thursday.

Cath said: “I’m very pleased and very happy with the team at Asda for all they’ve done. It was very good of them.

“The donation is a very nice start to the year.”

Cath has run the rescue centre from her home in Redcross Street for more than 10 years, and relies heavily on donations to be able to look after for the cats and kittens in her care.

Pens are rarely empty and the waiting list for new arrivals of unwanted moggies is growing constantly, a situation worsening with the poor economy leading to people being more reluctant to take on another pet.

Cath is grateful for any donations of money, food, cat litter or bedding dropped off at her home at 41 Redcross Street.