Cats mysteriously disappear in Old Somerby near Grantham

Missing cat, Nugget.
Missing cat, Nugget.
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SEVERAL cats have mysteriously disappeared from a village near Grantham, prompting one cat owner to offer a reward for his moggie’s safe return.

At least three cats belonging to neighbours in Old Somerby have gone missing, leaving families distraught.

One distressed owner is Barrie Tupper, of School Lane, who is missing his 18-month-old tabby cat Nugget.

He said: “Not knowing what’s happened is the worse thing. If you know they’ve been run over then that’s one thing, but it’s the not knowing that’s so upsetting. You wonder if somebody’s nabbed them.

“I’m offering a good reward for his safe return.”

The cats all disappeared within a week of each other earlier this month. Despite knocking on neighbours’ doors and searching the village, Mr Tupper, 62, has been unable to locate his beloved pet.

He said: “I spoke to one of the other owners and his is a pedigree that doesn’t wander far at all, and mine certainly doesn’t.

“It’s more than a coincidence that three cats go missing in a week.”

The loss of Nugget, who needs regular medicine, has hit Mr Tupper hard, having had another cat run over by a car three weeks previously.

Anyone with information on Nugget’s whereabouts is asked to call Mr Tupper on 01476 566891 or 07860 639486.