CCTV cameras will look to catch fly-tippers

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A stretch of Grantham Canal notorious for fly-tipping is being cleaned up by South Kesteven District Council.

Large items of waste and litter are being removed by contractors from the stretch between Earlesfield Lane and the A1.

Once the work is complete the district council plans to install CCTV cameras to deter future fly-tippers.

The news was welcomed by Jim Wheeldon of Grantham Angling Association who has been pressing the district council for action. Mr Wheeldon said: “I think the CCTV is the only thing that’s going to be able to stop it happening in the future.

“Just the sight of the cameras should be enough to scare people off.”

Volunteers are still being sought who would like to form a group to help keep the stretch of water looking its best long-term.

Councillor for healthy environment John Smith said: “We wish to thank the community representatives who have come forward and want to work with us longer term on the canal.

“We now hope to draw up a plan that should mean we can clean and maintain the area more frequently.

“The responsibility of the area’s appearance though is influenced heavily by those who choose to fly-tip.

“We need residents to play their part by not blighting their communities and dumping rubbish in this area.”