Cemetery guys do a good job

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I MUST stand in defence of the workforce who, throughout the years, take care of the graves at the cemetery.

My elderly father and I visit my dear mother’s grave every week.

It is close to the grave that the person was complaining about in the Journal, saying she was “disgusted” at the length of the grass.

Ninety per cent of the time the area looks perfectly clean and tidy and well cared for.

I do occasionally tidy up around me when it has been windy, or retrieve other people’s flowers, but I have never felt reason to complain.

There has been a lot of rain of late and the groundsmen must have found it difficult to mow and strim the area.

It has all been done now and looks fine after this exceptional wet summer.

The two guys I see there regularly are always helpful and will do anything within their power to help out, such as moving heavy pots on to the plinth.

It does state in the terms and conditions that all decorations should be kept off the grass, as this makes cutting the grass difficult.


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