CHAMPIONS: Managers struggled to keep the players from finding out the Ilkeston score

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TOWN co-managers Wayne Hallcro and Jimmy Albans both admitted they tried to stop their players from finding out the vital score at Ilkeston to prevent a further attack of nerves.

Both Town’s managers admitted their players showed plenty of nerves during the game and Wayne Hallcro admitted the pair had taken a decision not to tell the players what was happening in the game between second placed Ilkeston and Kidsgrove.

However, Hallcro was “not too impressed” when the scoreline was announced over the tannoy at half-time!

Hallcro said: “At half-time we (the managers) knew it was nil-nil. We didn’t (tell the players).

“I didn’t go mad at half-time but when I heard the fact they’d announced it over the tannoy I wasn’t too impressed. Luckily the players didn’t hear it but I’m sure they’d have got wind of it.

“I wouldn’t have had that score coming through until we’ve done what we’ve done because we were nervy as it was and the last thing you want in the back of your mind.”

In the end, Ilkeston’s game ended 0-0, 30 seconds before the final whistle in Grantham Town’s game.