Changes won’t benefit girls at all

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MY daughter is in year 10 at Walton and I for one am concerned about all the changes that are happening all at once.

I don’t feel they are going to benefit the girls at all.

The vertical tutoring isn’t taking into account the different ages of the girls and, as such, the varying needs of pupils.

Maybe this could have been trailed for Key Stage 3 and gradually introduced into the school that way?

The new uniform is creating an added expense and my daughter will only be wearing this for a year.

As for saying parents’ and students’ views have been considered, I feel that the decisions had already been made and we were just asked out of courtesy rather than anything else.

My daughter has already decided that because of all these changes she will now not attend the school for her A-levels and sixth form but is looking elsewhere.

This is such a shame, because up until recently I had always been impressed by the school and its standards.

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