Charitable nine-year-old from Barrowby has a heart

Amber Howes
Amber Howes
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A nine-year-old girl has singlehandedly organised a charity coffee morning in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

From designing posters and decorations to writing to local businesses asking for raffle prizes, Amber Howes has pulled out all the stops and hopes her event tomorrow (Saturday) will be a great success.
She said: “I’m really excited because it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything this big, but I’m a bit nervous too, because I’ve got no idea what will happen. I hope lots and lots of people come along.”
Proud mum Louise Thurman said: “She’s been on about doing it for months and months, saying she wanted to do something to raise money. She wanteds to do it for the British Heart Foundation because she thinks cancer charities get a lot of support, and my grandparents had heart problems. She’s been in her bedroom planning it all, writing down ideas for what she wants to do. And she’s done everything. We’re very, very proud.”

Tomorrow’s coffee morning will be held in The Reading Room, Church Street, Barrowby, between 10.15am and 12.15pm. As well as refreshments there will be a tombola and raffle.