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Children at Grantham nursery go wild for reptile visit

By Grantham Reporter

Children at nursery got a hands-on experience with some exotic animals recently.

The fearless youngsters at Children 1st, Trent Road, came face to face with snails, cockroaches, a snake and even a gecko last week.

The toddlers and pre-schoolers had invited Zoolab, ‘the UK’s number 1 animal handling experience company’, to visit them last Thursday as part of their animals and habitats topic.

They held two workshops with 30 children in each session.

Zoolab ranger Barry began each session with a story about the ‘Chinese New Year Zodiac Race’ across the river and showed posters of the zodiac animals, explaining that this year is the year of the pig.

Barry Anderson, Andriana Grzybek, Emilia Buttigieg. (7063877)
Barry Anderson, Andriana Grzybek, Emilia Buttigieg. (7063877)

He then introduced the children to Sally the snail, a large african snail who didn’t finish the race because she was too slow.

The next creature was Carla the cockroach who was much faster because of her six legs. The children were able to hold Carla as she crawled along their hands.

Gary the Gecko was the children’s favourite by far. Three-year-old Claudia said: “He looked like a lizard” whereas Karina loved his “big and beautiful eyes.”

Adrianna thought Gary’s neck was fascinating and spoke to her friends about the way it crinkled up when he turned his head.

The fourth animal was Sophie, an 18-year-old corn snake.

Early years teacher Nicola Lanckham said: “The children enjoyed stroking her and some were even confident enough to have a hold.”

The fifth and final animal was Raquel the Rat, the winner of the chinese zodiac race.

The children enjoyed stroking her soft white fur and watched her as she washed her whiskers.

Nicola added: “Everyone had a really great time and learned a lot.”

Children First and Zoolab. (6926365)
Children First and Zoolab. (6926365)

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