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'Children swarm in groups and make no effort to avoid other people' says Grantham reader

Reader letter:

There has been much recent debate and sucking-of-teeth both about the re-organisation of schoolrooms and about the ‘bubbling’ of children while they attend schools, in an effort to reduce the risk of the transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – or Covid-19.

That younger children appear to have a much lower incidence of coronavirus has been put down to their smaller stature, which enables them to avoid virus-laden aerosols from the coughs and sneezes of the older, taller population – including older, taller children.

Reader letter (10012624)
Reader letter (10012624)

‘Bubbling’ of secondary schoolchildren while they’re at school is all very well while they’re in that relatively isolated situation, and the virus can be kept, albeit unfortunately, within a schoolchildren-teacher cluster.

However, this picture is transformed as soon as the school bells goes and said children swamp Grantham town centre, and especially the bus station.

Secondary schoolchildren are rude enough at the best of times, frequently walking three and four abreast, and taking no notice of others.

During the current ‘crisis,’ when they swarm in groups of a dozen or 20 or more, many are in close contact with each other, make no effort to avoid the rest of the population, and not a single one wears a mask.

Even during normal times, and as one of many with a chest condition, I have to be very careful in avoiding close contact with coughers and sneezers (and especially smokers, whose smoke is also very irritating).

However, being approached and passed by these chattering, uniformed hordes can be pretty unnerving.

I don’t know what the answer to this problem is, other perhaps than the teenagers being taught some manners – by their parents or by their teachers.

Whether this matters to them is, of course, another matter.

David Feld, Third Avenue, Grantham

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