Closure of Grantham restaurant Bindi confirmed

Bindi on London Road will be closing its doors on June 28
Bindi on London Road will be closing its doors on June 28
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After seven years Indian restaurant Bindi on London Road is closing its doors, and owner Muhammed Karim has expressed his disappointment.

Muhammed said: “Bindi has become famous around the world, but Grantham seems to be my Achilles’ heel.

“We have become known for the world’s hottest curry and our sauces, but people still ask me where we are in the town.”

Now Bindi will be leaving town with the restaurant’s last night being next Saturday, June 28.

“It really is crazy that it’s come to this, but the plan now is to do a roadshow with our sauces,” Muhammed added.

He has already arranged deals with other restaurants in Lincolnshire and further afield to use the spicy sauces he has created during his 30 years working in the restaurant business.

Fans of Bindi’s famous curry the Widower will now find its fiery flavours at Ruskington’s Green Elachi restaurant, while Oscar’s in Sleaford is the new home of the Atomic Kickass sauce and Death by Pizza can be enjoyed at Sleaford’s Little Italy.

Having ended his 14 year lease of the premises on London Road, Muhammed says he is not sure what will replace Bindi but suspects it might be another restaurant.

Regular customer Kye Colquhoun who lives on College Street opposite Bindi said: “I’m really upset that it’s going, it’s my favourite Indian. Muhammed knows what I like so I’m able to just come in and he will cook it for me.”

Indeed as a special farewell meal Muhammed today served Kye ten chicken drumsticks covered in his Atomic Kickass sauce, which measures as Kye demonstrated a tear-inducing 13 million units on the Scoville scale.

The mouth-burning challenge was captured on camera by Brazilian television network Globo for their weekly show Fantástico.

Reporter Roberto Covalick watched as Kye signed a disclaimer on the risk of ‘paralysis or death’, before the man versus food attempt which after two and half minutes saw eight chicken drumsticks left on the plate.

After Kye had to leave for some much needed air, Roberto had a piece of chicken himself and despite scraping off much of the sauce his eyes were watering, ensuring there were tears at this restuarant’s goodbye.

For more information on Bindi’s closure and where you will be able to purchase his range of sauces, go to