Column: ‘Grantham will make up its own mind about Islamic centre’ says Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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The simultaneous protests by the English Defence League and the counter movement went by with no serious incidents which is something everyone can be happy about.

The right to a peaceful protest was run to perfection by both and we can now move forward.

On a less happy note they do seem to have taken away from the actual issue here, as is often the case when the EDL become involved given clashes in their past, which is to properly consider the worth of the Islamic Centre that is currently proposed in Mowbeck Way.

Despite this point, I am going to embrace the hypocrisy and continue to talk about the organisation.

Where the EDL get involved, they become the story and attract all the attention. Fortunately I believe in the people of Grantham’s ability to make up their own minds about the new centre without the brashness and ignorance of a protest whose base of operations was a pub.

As I have said before, there are a great many reasonable objections towards the building of the Islamic centre, but being concerned with sharia law taking over the streets of Grantham is probably not so reasonable, to put it lightly.

What the EDL is currently fighting is for the ‘English way of life’, which is a phrase that makes me feel uneasy from the get-go.

They denounce militant Islam, as would all of you reading I would expect.

But until the English Defence League consistently prove they are non-violent and are willing to accept that not every new mosque brings trouble to the nearby residents, I would hope that the majority of us do not take their views to heart.